The American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) and the Health Information Management Systems Society (HIMSS) have immensely contributed to the computerizations of the health records, especially in the healthcare centers. The organization has developed various systems that are being applied by other company managers to ensure that safety of information has been attained, which has helped in facilitating the effectiveness of record safety as well as computerization of health records.

AHIMA and HIMSS have developed some measures to ensure that there is awareness created among individuals from various communities and nations, to help that there is a clear understanding of the comprised procedures as well as applications, which are effective in maintaining and managing computerization of records in the company. The creation of awareness has its impacts on the organization, including the notion that it has been costly. However, the process has been effective in making certain that various procedures carried out are aimed at improving organization performance in various institutions, especially the health centers in various nations.


Computerization of records is effective in ensuring that data and information in the organization have been safeguarded, especially with the challenges associated with the introduction of technology across the globe. Over the years, there have been instances of records being hacked, but with proper maintenance and management, there have been measures that help facilitate privacy of documents. Therefore, the AHIMA and HIMSS have helped in making certain that measures aimed at ensuring proper recording of information as well as the adoption of the computerized systems have been positively adopted by company managers in various companies across the globe. The systems introduced by the organizations have been ascertained to be effective in managing records in various health care centers.