Obesity is one of the health-related concerns noticed as a result of lifestyle. Incidentally, a person who engages less in physical activities is more likely to be obese in comparison to those with an active lifestyle defined by high levels of physical activities. Being obese can result in varied complications that in noticed in a set of stages. Despite this, several actions can be taken to limit the effect of obesity on an individual such as undertaking a surgery or engaging in more physical activities. The presented research looking into obesity factors whereby the stages of obesity complications are looked into as well as the alternatives of prevention.

Obesity Complications


There are several symptoms and complications associated with obesity.  Coronary heart disease is one of the symptoms associated with obesity. According to Karnani, Brent and Mukhopadhyay coronary heart disease are one of the complications of obesity. Incidentally, an obese person has a high level of fat deposits in the arteries that further result in coronary heart disease. With the increase in fat deposits in the blood vessels besides the arteries, the obese individual is also exposed to the risk of high blood pressure. As is, the fat deposit presses against the blood vessels, therefore, reducing the volume of the blood vessels resulting in an increased pressure. Stroke is also a complication linked to obesity.  Being obese result on plaque buildup in arteries which has the risk of rupturing. With this, a blood clot results, particularly in regions near the brain. With this, chances are higher than the obese individual will suffer from a stroke due to the fact that the blood is deprived of oxygen as a result of the clot blockage.

Body Mass and Surgery Alternatives

There are several alternatives that can be looked into to address the issue of obesity as the resulting complications. The use of Body Mass Index (BMI) is one of the factors to be considered when avoiding obesity cases. BMI allows an individual to keep track of their weight by taking note of the healthy weight that they should maintain at all times. BMI can also be utilized in keeping track or establishing an obese person based on their height and body mass. Surgery is also an alternative to dealing with obesity. Through surgeries such as the Bariatric surgery, metabolic changes are ensured on the obese person as well as changes in hormones that ensure a general reduction in their hunger levels that result in a decrease in the level of calories intake. With this, it is guaranteed that the obese individual will lose weight in due time.

The laparoscopic gastric bypass is also regarded as an effective alternative to dealing with obesity.  This move involves the loss of weight without having the physiology of the fat storage cells damaged. With this technique, a surgeon is provided with a chance to view the abdominal walls of the obese individual and further make several incisions through surgery, therefore, altering the gut hormones hence a change in the appetite levels of the involved person. Gastric bypass surgery can also be utilized in dealing with obesity. This procedure is considered as an effective technique to weight loss as it results to the establishment of a smaller pouch that holds smaller meals translating into fewer calories intake by an individual as well as less absorption as a result of the alteration of the gut hormones.

Poverty and Overweight

Food Stamps

It is a fact that people living in poverty are less likely to be obese. This is accrued to the fact that these groups of individuals do not have the excess funds that drive them to consume high-calorie foods for a luxury such as pizzas or ice-cream. Moreover, the identified group of people is less likely to over-eat based on the fact that they do not have enough money to afford three meals a day unlike the wealthy individuals in the society.

The greater availability of fast foods in stores and food outlets makes it easier for persons to become obese. Taking the case of McDonald’s, it is evident that a considerate percentage of foods offered by the provider are high-calorie foods that may be regarded as unfit for consumption as a result of their high-risk nature to cause obesity. Additionally, the fact that grocery stores are increasingly being dominated by genetically modified foods pose a high risk for obesity cases. It is a commonality that GM foods are less healthy compared to artificial ones.

Influence on Young Kids in America

Obesity has increasingly become a major factor of concern among American children. This is accrued to the fact that a larger percentage of children engage less in physical activities such as playing football and prefer to stay indoors and watch television. With this, most of them end up taking in more calories than they burn at the end of the day. It is also a fact that a considerate percentage of American children are educated on matters related to health and fitness. As a result, most of them will be cautious about gaining weight and becoming obese. With this knowledge, most of them will prefer to go to the gym to avoid gaining weight.

Early Prevention and Natural Alternatives

Obesity can be prevented before it becomes a matter of concern.  Engaging more in physical activities is regarded as a way of boosting one’s metabolism hence burning on the excess calories and fats. Some of the physical activities that an individual can engage in to burn excess calories include Tai Chi, Yoga, and Acupuncture. The presented physical activities will require an individual to engage in some form of physical activities that in turn raises their heart rates to a fat burning zone. Prevalently, with the physical activities, the excess fats in the body will be transformed into energy rather than be stored to result in obesity. Engaging in the presented exercises also act as natural alternatives of dealing with obesity. Incidentally, engaging in the three activities will force the body to burn the excess fats resulting in the excess weight.

Ask For Help

Despite the existence of clinical and natural alternatives of dealing with obesity, an individual can deal with obesity by asking for help from available bodies and departments administering help/advice services for affected persons.  Obesity Action Coalition is one of the effective bodies that have played important roles in assisting obese individuals in weight loss. Incidentally, the body advice persons on how to lead a fit lifestyle by educating them on how to watch and maintain the right weight as required by their BMI. World Health Organization is also an important organization that can offer assistance to obese persons on how to maintain a healthy living. Through WHO, the obese persons can attend seminars that educate them on the effective techniques of dealing with obesity besides the pros and cons of each method.