From the test that I undertook on the Human Metrics webpage, my results indicate that I am an INTJ. This particularly for me means that I am an Introvert (19%), Intuitive (12%), Thinking (9%) and Judging (2%).

I agree with the above information as I agree that I am an introvert in nature. I prefer to be alone than around people and I do not like to be the center of attention whenever I am around people. I also agree with the results as I believe I am intuitive in my own way. I like to analyze situations as they occur as opposed to using my feelings to react to the particular situation. I also like to think outside the box when coming up with ways of solving a problem as opposed to following conventional ways that have always been in use. I rarely judge people and I am an open-minded person. I believe that individuals have their own reason for carrying out various actions.

Looking at the ‘Self-awareness and Growth’; as well as the ‘Career Choices’ column that pertains to the results provided, I also agree with the analysis provided. I have always been a huge fan of sciences and I hope one day to work in the field of computers. Being an introvert in nature, I immerse myself in coding and learning more about programming languages. I am currently learning how to be a software developer as this is the career that I would like to pursue. Having seen from this website that my career goals are in line with my personality type, I believe that this is the right path for me. I am also encouraged as it shows that I do know myself and what I want in life.