For those who thought they would be stress-free once their kids go to college, here’s a news flash for you: that is not going to happen. If anything, you’ll probably be more stressed out. Instead of constantly hearing “Mommy, Mikey gave me a boo-boo,” you’ll be hearing “Mom, the physics teacher is threatening to fail me again.”

It’s easier when they’re small; you stick some band-aid on the ‘boo-boo,’ and they’ll be back wreaking havoc again. However, when they get bigger, you can’t very well stick a band-aid on the face of their teachers, can you?

My kids are now all grown-up: one’s a student in high school, and one’s in college. It wasn’t easy to get them in there, but there they are – talking exams as the grown-up students that they are. I remember the time when I used to help them with their homework – back when it didn’t seem like I was reading to them in Chinese. Now, what they are studying is a little above my ability to help – which is why I try to support them in other ways.

This is exactly why I write so much about health and parenting tips. At this point, I’m the support that they can lean on so that they can get the job done properly. A healthy child is a child that will be successful when they grow up. Similarly, a child that has been brought up and supported correctly will also be successful. This is why every parenting tip that we can get our hands on is crucial.

A mother’s support never ends. You just need to know what to do in order to keep your child moving in life – regardless if it’s placing a band-aid or helping them be successful in school.