I’m a mother, a friend, and as I like to see myself, an unofficial life adviser. I run a blog that deals with health and parenting tips – because we all know how difficult this can get. I haven’t studied any of these in college – I learned it the hard way myself. Try raising two teenagers, and we’ll see whether you will learn a trick or two along the way or not.

One of my kids is in college and the other one is still in high school. Still, that doesn’t mean they have their life already outlined. If you ask me, they are still trying to figure out the best way to be responsible – while also fleeing from responsibility and living their life. With his part-time job and very active social life, my eldest is living proof of that.

Yes, they are pretty much leaving the nest at this point – but they are still one foot in it as well. I still have some work to do with my youngest, but my eldest seems to be on the right track. He has good grades, he’s earning his own money – and he doesn’t come whining to me, saying “Mom, give me some money to hang out with my friends.” Both know when to do their homework and take school very seriously – because they know it will be good for them.

So as an answer to the constant “How did you raise your kids to be so great,” I decided to start a blog. Parenting tips, health advice – everything I know, I will share with you.