Small Vegetable Garden Plans Ideas

Destruction caused by the Hurricane Rita were severe on the agricultural sector. Damages on the crops in people’s farms was immense. Due to these damages, the food prices hiked especially that of rice, vegetables, fruits, corn, and soybeans. Farmers who have prepared management have an advantage over those who lack. It is advisable for the affected farmers to first drain all the water from their farms and prepare the land afresh. The funds for doing so can be claimed from the insurance companies. For those who had not insured their farms against such disasters, they can ask for funding from NGOs and the USDA. These affected farms are the backbone of agriculture in the United States

Another measure that can be used to address the menace is using irrigation-salvageable container plants. These are plants that will grow in secluded places such as the garage. During such times, growboxes may be used to grow crops within available spaces in the house. Plants that were not damaged by the hurricane would also be secluded and maintained as a short-term action of addressing the menace. Also, the farmers may also opt to grow crops with a shorter maturity period. These crops can be used to cater for the food-gap created. They will also restore the soil fertility before planting the main crops.

Livestock farmers are advised to set up temporary shelters for the animals. The structures can be made of debris of the shuttered structures. The method is economical bearing in mind the losses the farmers have suffered. It is important for the farmers to take into account the number of animals after the hurricane. Some animals may be killed or drowned during the storm.

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