I kept receiving the same questions over and over as I kept posting. Since I’m noticing a pattern here, I figured I might just make things easier for you and answer the questions before you even ask them. Here’s what I usually come across:

1. How did you help your kids get over their sibling rivalry?

First things first, if there are two children in the same family, there will always be sibling rivalry – in many forms. The only thing that will differ will be whether they will fight each other or just ignore the hell out of one another.

You can, however, bring that rivalry to a minimum by offering both of them the same attention. Playing favorites won’t help, and all it will do is make them compete for your attention.

2. How did you teach your children to eat healthily?

I’m fairly convinced that when I am not looking, my boys are sneaking bags of Cheetos and chocolate bars. Still, they also know that if they don’t want to feel dull all day, they also have to eat healthily.

This all starts when they are small. To prevent obesity, you may want to replace food rewards with hugs, praise and so on. Also, try to cook as healthy as you can. And teach your kids the basics of healthy food.

I liked to take my kids shopping with me when they were small, and I encouraged them to choose the healthy ones. With time, it became second nature.

3. Is there anything such as “too much help”?

Definitely. You need to help your children, but they also need to learn how to deal with things themselves. If you do everything for them, they will never be able to learn – and will always be dependent on you to do their job.

4. Should you write your children’s homework?

Many people fall victims to their puppy eyes, but you should never do their homework for them. Give them a nudge, show them some resources, help them with an outline – but let them handle m0st of the things themselves.

In the event that they get an essay from a writing service, make sure that they understand it completely. This way, next time, they can do it themselves – or they can use it as research material for a new one.

If you have any more questions that you would like me to answer, feel free to contact me!