Garden Walkway Ideas and Paths for Beginner

The poem, “Icarus” by Edward Field, explains on the myth of Icarus on success. The diction brought upon by the highlighted part in the poem contributes to the full meaning of the poem to a great extent. For instance, the line “where he rented a house and tended the garden” insinuates that Mr. Hicks, who is considered to be like the Icarus, was staying in the urban areas of the country. The line helps the readers to understand that the poem talks about an individual who had come to the city from the interior part (rural) of the country to look for a good job. When he arrives in the city, he rents a house and stays alone. He hopes that he would succeed quickly as the belief of many people in the city. The garden he tended is used to refer to the jobs that Mr. Hicks did. Mr. Hicks was ever in his small workshop so that he would accumulate a lot of wealth through the sales he made. Most importantly, the highlighted part of the poem also helps us understand that Mr. Hicks dreamt bigger than he could achieve. The line “Concealed arms that had controlled huge wings” helps us understand that author speaks of an individual dreaming to accumulate a lot of wealth regardless of the numerous economic hardships that the current situation presents. Mr. Hicks sees himself as a hero and that he can get all that he wants. The author states that he makes wings and fails to fly past the ceiling. Here, Mr. Hicks tries all means possible to be successful but contrary to his expectations. He fails terribly. Due to anger, Mr. Hicks becomes mad at himself and wishes that he dies. He feels like giving up on his struggles since he still sees himself stuck in the same place.

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