Childhood Abuse and Household Dysfunction

Children may be exposed to early abuse, be it emotional, physical or sexual. Household dysfunction contributes to this situation. This study, therefore, intends to describe the leading causes of death in adults about childhood abuse and household dysfunction.

This study adequately reviews a prior literature on the association of health risk habits and disease in adulthood to the magnitude of exposure to childhood abuse which is relevant to both the research problem and the theoretical framework. childhood abuse cause a lot problems in the future about which you can read in childhood experiences affect adulthood essay.

The theoretical framework which seems appropriate to the research question is presented. According to the research conducted in the 1988 National Health Interview, at least 18.1% of adults had lived with alcohol abuse which poses health risks. Gibbons (1995) also identifies that approximately 28% of children have been physically abused from a survey done on 17,337 respondents and this has brought health risks resulting in the causes of adult death.

Survey and questionnaires are used as sampling methods in this study. A medical evaluation was done on people eligible for the study and a comparison made of two groups, respondents, and non-respondents. In the results, respondents were n=9,508 and non-respondents, n=3,986. Similarly, these groups gave a women percentage of 53.7% and 51.0% respectively. For instance, 52% of respondents are affected by at least 6.2% adverse childhood exposure. Quantitative variables are at this moment illustrated by 52% of respondents who are dependent variables and 6. 2% of adverse childhood exposure as an independent variable. It was, therefore, concluded from the results that many children are affected by health risks behaviors.

Concerning the study, there was a failure to fully describe the relationship established between childhood abuse and household dysfunction. The author, therefore, intends to address this issue in depth. He also intends to address how it is leading to the many causes of death in adults.

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